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Name: Emanuele / Eman
Affiliation: Stanford University
Position: PostDoctoral Scholar
Age: 41 years
Current location: Palo Alto, CA, USA
Home town: Catania, Italy
Title: PhD in Physics

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PhD Thesisbook
Ciao! This is Eman. Welcome aboard my website, aka my public digital world.

I'm from Italy, and right now I live in Palo Alto, CA after spending more than two years in such a lovely city as Boston, MA. I am currently a PostDoctoral Scholar at Stanford University.

This will always be the home-made beta-version of my website, because I will always update, modify, and change it depending on what comes out in my mind. So, stay tuned!

Please, feel free to contact me: I will reply back asap!

Enjoy yourself!
The wall

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